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Boca Raton CPA Firm - Offers you the GoldPlan!

The GoldPlan is an innovative approach to tax, accounting, and financial planning that identifies opportunities to lower taxes and increase profits.

Instead of reacting to tax deadlines that may result in missed opportunities, Gold Coast Accounting proactively discusses tax strategies with our clients through out the year.

Our Boca Raton Accounting Firm utilizes the GoldPlan to encourage our accounting clients to interact with our team of tax and accounting professionals. A proactive dialogue enhances the decision making process and leads to increased client benefits and peace of mind.

When our accounting clients make smart choices about their money they are better positioned to achieve their goals and fulfill what?s truly important to them. The GoldPlan helps our accounting clients to get their entire financial house in order and keep it that way forever.

What is the GoldPlan?

The GoldPlan is a proactive approach to tax planning and accounting that allows for consistent timely communication throughout the year. It is our commitment to help our clients plan and implement their tax strategies and accounting policies on a timely and proactive basis.

How will the GoldPlan benefit me?

  • Save Money. Since income tax planning is best performed as a year round endeavor, the GoldPlan enables our accounting clients to put more emphasis on year-round tax planning and less emphasis on year end tax preparation.
  • Stay on Track. We will have frequent discussions with you regarding your personal and business tax situation. We will gather information and recommend suitable techniques and strategies that will help you meet your long-term financial goals.
  • Peace of Mind. We will review and compile your Companies financial statements throughout the year, and promptly communicate any concerns or recommendations we have to you. We will be available to assist in training your accounting staff in connection with internal bookkeeping and accounting procedures thereby further assuring that things run as smoothly and efficiently as possible.
  • No Surprises. You will never have to wonder about how much your tax and accounting work is going to cost. With our GoldPlan Fixed Price Agreement, you pay one set all inclusive fee each month that you agree to in advance, that?s based upon your specific situation.
  • Value. The GoldPlan offers year round tax preparation and planning, audit and tax authority support, payroll tax support, periodic financial statement review, and unlimited email and phone consultation. These services are bundled at a fraction of the price they would be if performed for you on a pay per service basis.
  • Budgeting. Instead of paying for our services in a lump sum on a pay per service basis, GoldPlan?s monthly payment structure allows you to spread out your payments to us throughout the year.

How much does GoldPlan Cost?

Our fees for the GoldPlan?s bundled services are determined individually and based upon your needs and the complexity of the work performed.

Can I decide not to enroll in the GoldPlan and still utilize your tax preparation and accounting services?

It is not mandatory that you enroll in the GoldPlan to remain or become a client of ours. However, it is highly recommended because the GoldPlan is structured to reduce your overall annual fees and to provide the many benefits that we?ve discussed above.

How do I get started?

You can get started by calling our office today for more information.

Gold Plan Fixed Price Agreement

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